Charaktere in Dhoom 2

20sd4.jpg ALI (UDAY CHOPRA)

His “Mummy” is definitely watching over him as his guardian angel. But Ali still doesn’t take his life too seriously.
Although, he is now a police officer and Jai Dixit’s partner, the equation between them is still the same. He still loves riding his bike. He still falls in love with every single woman he meets! And he still gets regularly reprimanded by Jai Dixit.
He still has his yellow bike and still feels very much at home in Jai’s house. He still believes that life is simple and that it is we who complicate it.
He still has a big heart and a smile that is even bigger.
And it is still true that he and Jai make a great team. He is fiercely loyal to Jai and if push comes to shove, he will go to any extent to fight for him.
And he’s still funny… actually… funnier!

Wer sich für die restlichen Charaktere interessieren sollte oder die Story, der möge bitte hier weiterlesen.


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