Sanjay Jha

Michael ist überall. Ich kann mich drehen und wenden, wie ich will, ich entkomme nicht. Neuester Fund: Nicht auf der Hauptseite von jhaji, nein, das wäre ja zu easy (obwohl er da natürlich auch ist), nein, der gute Mann hat noch eine Seite jhaji’s BLOGYWOOD und dort blinkt mich doch prompt ein sehr bekanntes Bild an


Hallooooooo? Übrigens seid ihr alle dort vertreten, naja nicht alle, aber doch recht viele 😀


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  1. sanjay jha sagt:

    nameste maini,
    thank you for visiting my blog.i will add the blog suggested by you.
    i wanted to know the above blog post on me in english.

  2. maini sagt:

    My english is terrible but I try my best. I only posted about Michael, a bollywood-friend, who is mentioned by you in TWO blogs, not only at your main-page jhaji but on the link-list-blog too. And he didn´t let know us this 😀 I found it by myself through surfing your blogroll. I was really surprised to see his logo at your page. Thats all. And by this way I posted and wanted Marcos site be linked because his site is the most readed page in the german-speaking region.
    Many many thanks for your posting 😀

  3. maini sagt:

    It´s done. Marcos site is on the list. I´m soooo great 😉 Of course thanks a lot to Jhaji 😀 Everyone may to see for oneself under

  4. michael sagt:

    sanjay, someway i feel as you as bollywood professional connect our different blog parts. feels good 🙂

  5. jhaji sagt:

    namesste michael and maini.
    i really feel so happy to find the passion for bollywood spreading,and german blogs are true ambassadors of its spirit,and i am learning a lot,wish all we directors make our own blogs and interact with lots of minds with similar passion over such an wonderful platform.whenever i meet my colleague friend directors i try and encourage them,but it all depends on individual passion and interest,i find it very magical and beleive that very soon blogger’s network will force bollywood directors to address to them,and they will do it because they will realize that the blogger’s network is a future streangth to genuine platform which cannot be manupulated as they do it with media and create false hypes,only to harm the essence of entertainment
    and at that point i will be the oldest and pioneer bollywood director to have his own blog,i feel good to out beat karan johar and aditya chopra

  6. maini sagt:

    I have nothing to add. It is great that at least one director take the chance to public his own view. And of course i hope it would be more. I think the problem is that you can´t believe, what journalist are writing. But with a own site everyone can post and discuss his thoughts. That make possible such a exchange of experience like nothing else.
    Many greetings from Germany 😀

  7. sanjay jha sagt:

    cheers…and welcome.
    i am looking forward to the reviews.

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